Panska Angus 
Bredemeier Angus 
Rieker Ranch
Jim Boyles Angus 
Rocking Ford Angus 
Stepladder Angus 
Domeier Verola Angus 
Lazy Black Diamond Ranch
K L C Angus
Polvka's Powerline Cattle
Neil Jorgenson Angus
Neben Ranch
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56 Years of performance testing to give you----- the buyer---- some of the top genetics in the nation!!!
Broken Bow, NE

205 Phillips Dr. Arthur, NE 69121

Important Dates
Delivery to feedlot...Oct 8,2018
Official starting dates..Oct, 18-19, 2018
60 day weight....Dec, 18,2018
90 day weight....Jan, 17,2019
120 day weights...Feb, 15-16 2019
Sale Date.....March 27,2019
Panska Angus 
Lazy Black Diamond
Pope Farms
Double D Angus 
Jim Boyles Angus 
 Seigel Angus
 Anderson Bros Angus
Lecuyer Angus
Keaton Macholan
K L C Angus
Hadwiger Farms
Macholan Angus
Neben Ranch
Greenview Farms
Lovitts Angus
RCA Cattle Co
Woltemath Angus
Black Pearl Cattle
T10 Cattle
SC Cattle
Kracke Hereford
2018 Consignors

SALE: Wednesday, Mar 27, 2019.....Central Nebraska Commision Co

Broken Bow, Nebraska

The bulls are being fed at Rohde farms (Shane, and Jill ) which is located 4 miles east of Ansley or 2 miles west of Mason City between mile marker298 & 299 on Highway 2. Follow the sign. Vistors always welcome
* Broken Bow
Nutrition by
Ryan Focken
Muddy Creek Nutrition
P.O. Box 372 Ansley NE
Office 308-935-1177 Cell:308-935-9123

If you buy a bull on DVAuctions and cannot take him home on sale day, he will be taken back to the feed lot and can be picked up at your convenience. We also have available two quailfied haulers that can deliver in or out of state and directly to your ranch. Call Morrrill at 308-870-1995 or Dirk at 308-870-3808